Financial Models in Excel
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Excel Financial Models:

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DownLoad - Excel Models:
- A comprehensive LBO model of business acquisition with DCF Analysis, IRR, WACC, CAPM, Ratio Analysis, ....
- 10-Year Projections of Financial Statements, Cash Flows, ....
- An Excel 2003 file.
Cash Flow Waterfall Model
- Typical Real Estate capital structure between 2 parties viz. investor and developer.
- Cash Flows split based on a waterfall structure.
- IRR hurdles determine how cash flows at each level are split.
- The model is dynamic and amenable to deal variation.
- An excel 2003 file.
Property Mortgage Calculator
- Comprehensive calculations of mortgage loan, interest (compounding options), payment schedule, specified year balance, ....
- Options of extra periodical, annual and adhoc repayments.
- Options of accelerated weekly/bi-weekly payments, fixed rate & adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), ....
- An excel 2003 file (4 MB).
Rental Property Investment Model --
- Use this model to calculate returns on rental property.
- Monthly AND Annual Calculations and Analysis.
- Leveraged, Unleveraged, Pre/Post-Tax Calculations & Analysis.
- ROI, COC Returns, Debt Coverage, IRR, MIRR, Sensitivity Analysis, ....
- An excel 2007 file.
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